Dear Blog Reader,

With everything that's going on, my blog postings have become very irregular and I apologise for the erratic updates.

For now we are very busy since reopening in the middle of May and are welcoming increasing numbers of tourists to the hotel and our beautiful region.

Like many in our industry we have faced significant challenges over the past year and our journey has taken many twists and turns including losing many of our loyal and long serving team.

We have now completed our recruitment cycle and have welcomes lots of new team members who are going through intensive training programs to bring them up to speed with everyone else. I am proud of the fact that we have not had to close any part of our services through staffing issues and we have welcomed some brilliant new people who are going to play a big part in our future success.

I am also proud of the precautions we have made to keep both guests and suppliers safe and without wishing to tempt fate, to date I am not aware of any case of Covid amongst team members or guests alike. Lets hope we can get through this by keeping our record intact.

The current relaxing of regulations means we are able to welcoming increased numbers of guests, host larger events and dispense with contact tracing however we as a team have decided to continue with all other precautions such as wearing face masks, retain protective screens, availability of sanitisers and restricted rooms services. I hope you approve our intention is to keep our staff and guests as safe as possible in the current climate.

Finally, we have suspended our Sunday lunch carvery until the 12th September but continue to offer bar snacks over this period.

Keep safe

From a slightly battered but still optimistic hotelier

Until the next time.


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