Best Western Tiverton Hotel - Corporate Social Responsibility

The Tiverton Hotel is keenly aware of its duties and responsibilities to the environment and to the community. We are committed to the following practices and principles to enable us to meet and exceed legislation and expectations: Green Tourism have awarded the hotel, silver status.

Running an efficient and successful hotel supporting the local economy by being a major employer in the area.

Carrying out our business by the most environmentally and socially aware practices practicable.

Constant monitoring and updating of practices and staff training.

Waste Management

  • Mindful of the cost of energy, raw materials and labour involved in production the ordering of all items is carefully controlled to minimise waste. Bulk purchasing is also used where possible to minimise packaging.
  • The use of lighting, heating and air conditioning is constantly monitored to ensure these resources are not wasted whilst not compromising comfort standards.
  • Low-energy light bulbs have been installed wherever possible.
  • Dual flush toilets are installed to reduce water use.
  • All bedrooms are fitted with thermostatic radiator valves.
  • Email communication is only printed when necessary.
  • Advertising and bookings are encouraged via the hotel and Best Western websites to reduce paperwork.
  • A drip irrigation system is used for hanging baskets to reduce water evaporation and wastage.
  • Small kettles using less energy are supplied to guest rooms.
  • Actively reducing our use of plastics
  • Dual Flush Toilet Systems


  • All hotel waste paper and cardboard is separated from general waste for recycling.
  • Scrap paper is reused where possible for note taking.
  • Printer cartridges are recycled where possible for charity.
  • Stationery items are reused wherever possible.
  • Cooking oil is collected by a licensed contractor and recycled or used for bio diesel.
  • All glass and bottles are recycled.
  • Used postage stamps are collected for charity.
  • Towels are reused as requested by guests.
  • Bedroom and restaurant linen is changed at intervals that does not compromise our standards or the comfort of our guests whilst economising on usage.
  • We are working with our suppliers to reduce our use of plastics
  • We use ironized water saving late of chemicals

Local Community

  • The hotel is a keen supporter and participant in the school work experience programme
    Donations are made to numerous local charities.
  • All foodstuffs are purchased from local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Locally produced drinks are stocked and promoted.
  • The Rotary Club of Tiverton meets weekly at the hotel and is provided with a meeting room free of charge.
  • We are working hard to protect our customers data.
  • The hotel offers discounted accommodation rates to local businesses, subject to availability.
  • Promotional materials for local facilities and attractions are displayed and readily available to guests.
  • Corporate hospitality is conducted supporting local facilities and attractions.
  • The hotel supports and promotes the annual Mid Devon Show, showcasing the importance of the agricultural industry in the region.
  • The hotel has changed linen supply and service from a nationally operating company to an independently owned laundry closer to the hotel.
  • The hotel conducts its business with regard to the immediate neighbourhood and is mindful of light and noise pollution.
  • The hotel is carefully and continually maintained enhancing the overall appearance of the local area.


  • The hotel has received a Certificate of Commitment from Mid Devon Community Recycling Ltd in recognition of its dedication to recycling at work.
  • The hotel welcomes dogs and has details of suggested walks from the hotel.
  • The hotel encourages personal development by the staff and NVQ and South West Tourism training schemes are available for staff to attend during working hours.
  • The hotel has dedicated disabled parking, guest rooms and toilet. There is also a passenger lift to provide access to first-floor function suites.
  • The windows and fascias of the hotel are cleaned using a distilled water system – no chemicals are used.
  • The hotel provides charging points for electric vehicles.